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Photography Editing

We offer professional photograph retouching and are based in the UK. With 15 years experience in the photographic and editing industry, we can enhance a photograph to make it look the way you intended.


A great shot might be spoilt by distracting objects or people in the background. With wedding photography in particular it often isn’t possible to remove unwanted signs or guests walking into the shot.


Maybe you have an old photograph that is faded, torn and needs restoring. These photographs are sometimes all we have left to remember a person by and with some Photoshop skills can be revived.


Or an image could be enhanced by beauty retouching. We can remove blemishes, grazes, smooth skin, whiten or add teeth and slim arms.  We can remove tattoos that are no longer admired and this is less painful than the real thing.


The final result is polished yet natural image. Our aim is that the final photograph does not look like it’s been edited.


Frequently asked questions can be found here. Or for more information or for a no obligation quote please contact us.

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