Wedding Retouching

We understand that photographing weddings is fast paced and it’s not always possible to remove unwanted objects from the background. The weather can be challenging presenting you with various challenges such as flare or too much shadow. Digital enables us to fix these issues and more.


Give your wedding images that extra edge. Our services include:


  • removal of distracting objects and people
  • removal of flare
  • fixing of clothing, removing dust and creases from jackets
  • opening of eyes and swapping of heads
  • skin smoothing, teeth fixing and slimming see our beauty retouching services
  • changing backgrounds and skies


Contact us to see how we can help improve your images.


wedding group with people in the backgroundwedding group photograph with people removed

In this photograph distracting people were removed from the background. Champagne glasses and the harpist that was growing out of the groom’s head was also removed. The lady second on the left was looking the wrong way and her head was replaced from another photograph.

wedding photograph before Photoshopwedding photograph with sign and shine removed

The distracting sign in the background (to the right) was erased in Photoshop. Shine on the couples forehead from the flash was also fixed.

wedding photograph before dress was fixed in PhotoshopWedding dress after Photoshop

The dress was gaping and the top line was not symmetrical. This was corrected in Photoshop and a small amount of arm slimming was requested.

wedding photograph with person in the background

In this example the videographer was removed from the background.

Wedding photographs courtesy of Confetti Shots